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What is a Floor Length Veil?

Floaty. Iconic. Beautifully bridal. Find out 'what is a floor length veil?' and more as we guide you around this memorable and versatile veil length. 

Floor length wedding veils are a wonderful addition to most bridal gowns and can be a great starting point for brides who want a long veil but are wondering just how long they should go. 

What is a Floor Length Veil?

A floor length veil is a wedding veil that usually matches the length of the wedding dress. Just skimming the floor, the veil should leave a small trailing edge as the bride walks around on her wedding day. 

Because of the length and lightness of the fabric, floor length veils make for some of the best photo opportunities. Catching just the slightest of breezes, this veil length almost floats and dances around the bride as it's lifted by even the most gentle wind. 

Floor length veils work well with a range of bridal styles, from the traditional bride to a chic contemporary look. This is a veil that offers both long lines or a princess bride effect, without the fuss of having a train.  

How Long is a Floor Length Veil?

A floor length wedding veil is 200cm from the comb through to the end of the tulle. This length can be adapted depending on how tall or short you are and whether your skirt has more or less volume. 

Sitting proudly between a waltz length veil and a church length veil, floor length veils achieve the perfect compromise between the drama of a long veil and a traditional bridal look. 

How to Wear a Floor Length Veil

Long and lovely, floor-length wedding veils work perfectly with long bridal gown styles. The cut, shape, and dimensions of floor length veils can add volume to a bridal look, allowing them to complement everything from ballgown style dresses to contemporary silhouettes. 

Once you've decided that a floor-length veil is for you, the next difficulty you'll have is choosing the design and style. To make choosing easier, it's best to think about your bridal tastes, this will help to narrow the selection and you're sure to find a floor length veil to accentuate your dress and reflect your personal style. Modern brides may prefer the clean lines of a cut edge wedding veil. Traditional brides may look at lace edge wedding veil designs.  Whatever your preference, a floor length veil will add graceful movement to your look as the perfect finishing touch. 

Veils also continue to be a key accessory for bridal designers, and with voluminous veils and sparkling crystals on the catwalk and in our bridal veil collection, the floor length veil is ideal for fashion-forward brides. 

Take a look at our real brides wearing floor length veils on their wedding day. 

The best way to find out what is a floor length veil, and what wearing one will do for your bridal outfit, is to give one a try. Explore our range of floor length wedding veilsonline or arrange a visit to our boutique to view our samples and wear and walk with a selection of styles before deciding on your perfect match.