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What is Two Tier Veil?

Luxurious and elegant, brides searching for traditional bridal veils will want to know the answer to the question 'what is a two tier veil?'.

Two tier wedding veils can emphasise the romance of a whimsical bohemian bridal outfit or add a touch of drama to an otherwise pared back and formal bridal look. Find out more about this versatile veil here. 

What is a two tier veil? | Two Tier Semi Lace Edged Ivory Wedding Veil - 'Prudence'

What is a two tier veil? 

A two tier wedding veil is seen as a more formal and traditional style of bridal veil, but modern interpretations can lend themselves easily to contemporary and alternative bridal gowns. A two tier veil features a blusher that covers the bride's face until the wedding ceremony. The blusher typically measures around 72cm in length but can be made in bespoke lengths as desired.  The second tier is available in a variety of lengths from a fingertip length veil to a cathedral length veil. 

Two tier veils are often made from traditional tulle and silk bridal fabrics and can come in a range of designs, such as semi lace edge, braid soutache edgepencil edge, and horsehair edge, to suit a range of bridal looks. 


Drop Veil Vs Two Tier Veil

Drop wedding veils and two tier wedding veils both give the bride the option to cover her face. But what is the difference between a drop veil and a two tier veil?

A drop veil is a single tier oval shaped piece of tulle, so named because it can be gently dropped over the bride's head to drape over her face.  A drop veil has no gather and rests loosely on top of the head. The bride may wish to consider several options to secure the veil in place to prevent it from shifting or falling off completely on her wedding day. Drop veils can be fixed with discreet pins, a comb can be sewn into the tulle, or a hair vine or bridal headband could be used to hold it in position. A drop veil can be lifted to reveal the face but may need to be repositioned for comfortable continuous wear after the wedding ceremony 

What is a two tier veil? | Drop Wedding Veil With Polka Dot Tulle And French Eyelash Lace Trim- 'Amie' | Britten Weddings

A two tier bridal veil is also made from a single oval of fabric featuring a gather,  which creates the appearance of two layers of tulle.  The two tiers consist of a longer layer that forms the veil and a shorter veil that forms the blusher. A two tier veil can be secured in place with a bridal hair comb, allowing the blusher to be lifted easily and rested above the longer veil layer to achieve a more voluminous waterfall effect cascading down the bride's back. 

What is a two tier veil? | Horsehair Two Tier Wedding Veil - 'Atlas' | Britten Weddings

How to Wear a Two Tier Veil

Two tier veils can be worn alone, fixed in place with a discreet comb, or can be paired with other bridal hair accessories so that the bride continues to sparkle even if she decides to remove the veil completely. 

The veil blusher is worn over the face before the wedding ceremony and is usually lifted by the father of the bride as he gives his daughter away, or the groom before the newly married couple's first kiss. 

Once the blusher is lifted it is pulled back to fall along the rest of the veil, so it won't get in the way as the bride greets her guests or sits down to eat and drink during the wedding reception. 

One consideration you may wish to think about when shopping for two tier wedding veils is how you would like your veil to fall if you're carrying a bouquet. Choose a longer length if you would like the veil to drape over the bouquet, and shorter length if you'd like the veil to end before it reaches the flowers.  

What is a Two Tier Veil? | Fingertip Length Two Tier Cut Edge Wedding Veil - 'Saria' | Britten Weddings 

If you're looking where to buy wedding veils, Britten Weddings have an exquisite selection of two tier wedding veils to choose from, as well as beautiful bridal hair accessories and jewellery to add those perfect finishing touches to your look on your special day.