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Hair comb types

If you have hair that is either really thick or fine, silky smooth or curly, you might be wondering what might be the best type of wedding hair accessory to wear in your hair on your big day. A bride always has concerns about making sure she chooses something that won't be so heavy that it falls out, or something delicate that it won't secure your hair in place for any length of time. No matter the size of the accessory or the type of hair you may have, a few hidden kirby grips or bobby pins and hair spray should do the trick of keeping your hair comb in place for a significant amount of time. 

If you're still not 100% sure here's a little bit of information about the different hair comb types we have available if you're considering wearing one!

hair comb types

The wonderful thing about our hair combs is that no matter the size they are all really light, some of them look like they should be heavy with all their intricate detailing, but believe us, they're not! So the worry about the weight of them falling out shouldn't be a concern for our brides. We have three different types of combs depending on the style of hair comb-  large wired bases, a slightly smaller version and a flat metal base.

hair comb types

hair comb types

The thicker your hair, or the more texture their is to your hair, the more the comb has something to grip onto- the larger of our hair combs would naturally work quite well with your hair type. Many of these larger combs have a curved design to them which means they may need to be pinned in place. Naturally, where you plan to wear your comb, there should be enough hair for the comb to be pinned onto without disrupting the hair style underneath. This style of comb with smoother hair would likely pull the hair our of place.

If your hair is slightly shorter or if it's more silky smooth, the shorter wire combs or the flat combs would probably work best as they're even lighter and therefore, would be less chance the comb base would poke through your hairstyle. As previously mentioned, to secure the hair comb even further, the addition of a few discreet hair pins should do the trick!

hair comb types

The smaller hair combs tend to sit a little flatter in the hair than the other combs. This is ideal if you've decided on a sleeker hair style for your wedding day- more of the hair comb will be shown off rather than disappearing into their hairstyle. 

hair comb types

If you need any advice about our different hair comb types, or advice on any of our other accessories, do not hesitate about getting in touch. We are more than happy to give our opinion on accessories, or why not make an appointment to stop by the boutique. We'd love to meet you!