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Britten Bride Natalie...

Emails like this really make our day! Thank you so much Maureen for making our start to the week a wonderful one! 

"Hello Sarah
You were so kind as to make a veil for my daughter Natalie at the eleventh hour ahead of her wedding last week. We cannot thank you enough. Not only did you pull out all the stops out to make it and get it safely to us, but you exceeded expectation in producing a veil that was totally perfect and enabled Natalie to realise her dream of entering the church with it over her face. I have attached a couple photos which show Natalie wearing her beautiful Britten veil as I thought you might like to see her finished look. With kindest regards and the most heartfelt of thanks. You are an angel!"- Maureen Lussey

Photographs by Fotogenic of Scotland

two tier wedding veil

two tier wedding veil