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Juliet cap veils and why we love them!

We absolutely love Juliet cap veils here and many people are surprised how much they do too when they try them. When choosing a veil they are often overlooked as they're much more uncommon than a standard single or two tier.

A 'cap' of material holds the veil in place. This is a traditional vintage look, dating from 16th century England. It is believed the design dates to actors performing Juliet in the original performances of Shakespeares 'Romeo & Juliet'. 

They have had a resurgence in recent years thanks to a number of celebrity weddings and popular period dramas where they feature heavily. Whilst they can be worn with a vintage dress they look equally as good with something more modern.

How to wear

The great thing about these veils is that you can style them however you like. They can be worn quite low on the forehead or much further back - this looks fantastic with a full fringe! You can also wear a headband over the front edge or attach hair pins at the sides.

Some of our taller brides say they like them as they don't add extra height. They are also fantastic for brides on a budget as you won't need to wear anything in your hair as we have so many decorated options. If you don't plan on taking your veil off you also won't have to worry so much about your hair! 


Juliet caps are available in both the traditional tulle and our silk style tulle. Our traditional tulle has a lot more body and where it gathers at the sides it ruffles out beautifully. Most of our veils are made from this fabric such as our classic Jules.



The silk style hangs much more flat against the head and is a much softer look. The Dorothy veil is currently the only silk style Juliet cap in our collection however we can always do bespoke!



We have recently added the beautiful Edna to our collection. In our very popular Ada lace it frames your face beautifully and is perfect with so many styles of dress. It can blend really nicely with lace dresses or add a simple detail to a plainer dress.


Beaded Lace

The Rene veil has a beautiful beaded lace cap which creates a really romantic look with cascades of tulle falling from the sides of the head. This veil looks gorgeous with lace dresses and glimmers in the light.




The Perla veil is a great option if you want some serious sparkle in your hair! The side clips are embellished with beautiful crystal motifs which will really catch the light. Fantastic if you don't want to have any other hairpieces on.


If you want even more bling the the Mai veil is a great choice - I think this style works amazingly with classic vintage dresses.