December 07, 2017

Real Bride | Andrea Bambridge Dress | Bespoke Silk Style Two Tier Wedding Veil

We were very excited to receive images of our real bride Sabrina's wedding day. 

It looked absolutely picturesque in the gorgeous location of The Orangery in Settrington Estate in North Yorkshire. They found this to be the perfect location to incorporate both Sabrina and Nicks cultures, bringing in the Yorkshire rose for Nick's Yorkshire heritage and Olive stems and branches for Sabrina's French Moroccan heritage. The theme is absolutely beautiful and perfect. 

Sabrina looked incredible in her wedding dress from Andrea Bambridge with a beautiful lace jacket by Once Upon a Dress which looked like it was made for Sabrina in mind! She finished off her gorgeous wedding look with a bespoke two tier cut edge silk style Ella veil with an extra long blusher and it suits her perfectly!

Sabrina's memorable moment

"When Nick and I were carried by Friends and Family in traditional Moroccan chairs and clothing!"

Thank you so much Sabrina for sharing images of your amazing day with us and to your incredible photographer Nic Barella from Pure Aperture UK

Sophie Ingrey
Sophie Ingrey


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