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Our Sustainability Mission

We believe that our bridal accessories shouldn’t come at a cost to our environment or the people who make them, we strive to make every part of our business as ethical and sustainable as we can from the local fabrics we use right down to the organic coffee we thrive off! We've taken some big steps this year to become more sustainable and more eco-friendly and we're always pushing to be the best we can be!

  • We've switched to 100% recyclable packaging - no more bubble wrap! All of our envelopes and postage boxes are now fully recyclable, to pad out any large orders we reuse old packaging and save any handy bits from orders we make - we can't resist!
  • We hope you'll use your presentation box to keep your Britten piece safe for generations to come but if not they are also 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials themselves.
  • Off-cuts of tulle from our veils are used to make our garters, samples and to make our dustbags - nothing goes to waste! 
  • The majority of our waste which goes to landfill is from returns packaging but we still create less than the average household per week. We've invested in new all-paper returns envelopes so fingers crossed this will make our bins even smaller!
  • We source the majority of our materials from the UK, we are proud to support British manufacturing! Our tulle is from Somerset, our silk from London and most of our lace is from Nottingham. An exception is the French laces we use - but hopefully you can see why! We are always on the lookout for new suppliers who can help us achieve our plans.
  • All our designing, admin and making is done here in Bradford-on-Avon by skilled people who all have a passion for craftsmanship. We are one of a few bridal companies in England who don’t outsource any of our making to other countries. This way we not only get to keep traditional crafts alive but we also make sure that you get a quality piece made with love, skill and care every time.