Top tips for securing your wedding veil with short hair

Finding your short hair tricky and frustrating when trying to style your wedding veil? Don't worry as we have some great top tips on how you can securely hold your wedding veil with short locks. 

The best way we found to secure a metal veil comb in short hair, is to use teeny tiny elastic bands. You will need to create a row of tiny pony tails where you wish for the comb to sit, this will provide a perfect base for the teeth of the veil comb to grip onto - and voila you have a perfectly secure veil for your big day!

If you don't feel comfortable using elastic bands in your hair then you may prefer to gently back comb your hair where the comb will sit. With lots of hairspray and combing the veil will firmly hold in place, for extra hold we recommend using bobby pins across the teeth of the comb.

No hair style should restrict what you can wear on your wedding day, veils look gorgeous with all hair types! 

Daniella Harding
Daniella Harding


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