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Wedding Veil Styles for 2023

Wedding veil trends are heavily influenced by the latest designer wedding dress trends on display at Bridal Fashion Weeks around the globe. Wedding dress trends for this year and next year offer a rich variety of styles, cuts, finishes, and fabrics that are sure to be popular with recently engaged brides to be.

Finding the right veil to accompany a dream dress is like creating a match made in heaven.

There are some stunning wedding dress trends emerging for this year and for 2024 and the veil is right there along side them (even occasionally taking centre stage!). With some of our brides, the veil is taking the lead in dictating what their bridal look is going to be. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you may be a bride to be that has completely ruled out a veil or you may still be undecided. As a 2023 bride myself, I personally went from not wanting a veil to wanting one at the last minute (because I fell in love with it) to not wearing it after all. I chose one of our beautiful headbands instead but I have kept the veil and may wear it for the hell of it one day because why not! It is too beautiful to not keep.

The wedding veil styles for this year are incredibly beautiful and brides to be out there have a difficult choice ahead. Which one to go for? Which veil speaks to you?


A gentle scattering of pearls or a veil which is all the pearls, there is something about the pearl that gives a veil a luxurious, sophisticated look and it is so versatile! Halter neck dress? Pearls. Mikado silk dress? Pearls. Lace dress? Pearls. It is no surprise why our Brides love these little beauties. Our Coralie and Magalie are two beautiful examples.


3D Florals

Perfect for a spring or summer bride, 3D florals are beautiful and really bring something delicate and romantic to your bridal look. Our 3D flowers range from tiny silk daisies scattered around the train on our Meadow veil to larger hand cut silk flowers on the Briar that create a stunning bouquet that cascade from the comb.

Bespoke veils

Are you looking to make your veil more unique to you? We can usually alter any of the veils on our website to suit you. Do you like the Sandy but would prefer it as a single tier? No problem. Would you prefer to go longer than a cathedral length? Absolutely! Would you prefer the blusher on the two tier to be a certain length? We can do that for you. Just pop us an email and we would love to talk through the options with you. Are you considering an embroidered piece? Personalised pieces are such a wonderful way to create a one of a kind look that is an intimate representation of you and those you love. An embroidered veil can be a beautiful keepsake and whether it is a flower that has meaning to you or a beloved family member's handwritten message, we will work with you to bring to your vision to life. Several new options we offer for this year are the monogram veil and our script veil. We hand sew all our embroidery and we take so much pride in our work. We hope it will come across when you receive your bespoke veil that we love what we do and care about the details that mean so much to you. 



Big Veils

It is so exciting for us to see brides getting that little bit braver and going for something that is really going to grab people's attention. A long cathedral length veil or the extra wide veil really does create a stunning focal point whilst taking nothing away from the dress. You do not need to stop at cathedral length either. We are able to make the veil a bespoke length and we are more than happy to guide you through the process. Our Arwen and Niacae are gorgeous examples of extra wide veils, very different from each other but both creating a very special look.

Short veils

On the other side of the spectrum is the shorter veil. This again requires the bride to be that little bit braver and trust that a 'less is more' approach can be the perfect match to the dress. We are noticing the fingertip length is extremely popular this year and we have to say it is one of our favourite lengths! It has such a fun and easy going vibe to it and is a length that goes with most bridal looks. Another option is the bandeau style veil that flatters most bridal hairstyles and different looks can be created by adjusting the angle of the combs. Our Alexandra is created using Russian net.

There is so much more choice for Brides this year than ever before. The options are almost endless and it is so exciting to see the veil come into its own and take its rightful place up there with the dress!