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Hair comb hairstyles!

The wedding hair comb, both big and small, are becoming increasingly popular amongst our brides. They are effortlessly easy to use, and can be the perfect finishing accessory to complete a bridal look, however, one of the main issues a bride faces is deciding which comb to buy and then choosing the best hair comb hairstyles to really show it off! 

hair comb hairstyles

Hair combs are particularly versatile. They can be teamed with any hair style providing that the hair is styled in a way that creates a natural 'nesting' spot for the comb to be secured to. For example, a bun whether it is a smooth sleek one or a more soft natural curly one are both great styles for hair combs. The curve of the bun against the rest of the hair makes for an ideal place to secure the comb. Hair that is styled down naturally, whether straight or curly, is also a great style that can really accentuate the beautiful detailing of any hair comb- just sweep one or both sides of hair to just behind the ear and secure the comb. French chignons, half ponytails, and twists of any kind all work well with hair combs!

hair comb hairstyles

It is worth keeping in mind that the hair comb itself, not including the embellishments, should never be bigger than the bit of hair that is styled. If it is, there is a chance that you would notice the silver or gold comb sticking out. 

Wedding hair accessories can be a really great addition to any bridal outfit. If a wedding dress is simple and understated, a heavily detailed hair comb would complement the dress wonderfully, but if a dress is intricate an accessory that is a little more subtle might be better choice so as to not distract from the detailing of the  gown. In any case, make sure you try out several different hairstyles when you go for your trial appointment and don't forget to take a picture of your gown with you for the stylist. Be brave and try at least one or two styles that you wouldn't naturally think of wearing- you might be surprised!