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Different Types of Lace And Fabrics we Use

If you're looking to buy a luxury product such as one of our gorgeous garters then chances are you know a little bit about what makes something 'special', maybe you've never considered it or maybe you just want to know a little bit more!

I thought I would share some of my knowledge with you about the different types of lace and fabric we use here for our garters at Britten because I find it so interesting myself!

Eyelash Lace

Eyelash lace is a type of French lace that is most commonly found on lingerie and delicate bridal wear - or garters! French laces are often regarded as the most luxurious and we get all of our French lace from France. It's so feminine and pretty and is a really classic look. It's called eyelash lace because of the little threads or 'lashes' along the edge.

We use this type of lace with our silk style tulle because it is so soft. eyelash lace set

English Lace

Our English lacemakers created the lace for the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding to Prince William. It is simply extraordinary and has been produced by 8 generations of the same family since 1845 - true heirloom quality.

This style of lace is slightly thicker than our french lace but is no less pretty. We produce several styles of garter with this type as it holds up to different stitching techniques really well. Pure British quality! 

One of our most popular lace garters is the Catherine, it's delicate ruffles are finished with a signature blue bow which adds such a classic look to your big day.lace garter

Guipure Lace

Guipure lace is one of my favourite types of lace. Historically is was made using loads of bobbins which were skillfully twisted and plaited to create a pattern, people still make it this way however it is incredibly rare.

Our guipure lace is made by machine however it is still incredible quality! Many guipure laces have strong floral or geometric patterns, our Elme garter is a wonderful example of this style. The leaves wind their way around your leg and are held in place by super soft velvet elastic. Perfect for fitted dresses where your garter might show!lace garter


We do offer an embroidery service but did you know we also use embroidered lace?

Our Alyssa garter has a gorgeous blush and ivory embroidery applique floating on ruffles of lovely soft blush tulle. So so pretty!blush garter


The beauty of our silk garters is that they are such a luxurious base for lots of lovely embellishment!

The silk we use is a crepe de chine which is a gorgeous flowy fabric which is perfect for our ruffled garters - they feel so smooth against your skin.

We offer several colours in our silk garters and we can always find bespoke colours for you if you would like! 

silk beaded garter


Our tulle garters are made from the same fabric as all of our gorgeous veils from Britten which means that you can create a lovely set to wear on the day.

We have two types of tulle, our traditional tulle and our silk style tulle. 

tulle flower garter

I hope you've found this interesting and if you have any questions then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! x