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What is The Difference Between a Drop Veil and a Two Tier Wedding Veil?

A lot of our brides have been asking us what the difference is between a drop veil and a two tier wedding veil, so we thought we'd do a very quick blog post about the differences between them.

Drop Veil

We'll start with a drop veil- a drop veil is a single oval shape piece of tulle that is simply 'placed' over the bride. There is no gather at all on this style of veil. The simplest type of drop veil comes with no attachments (no hair combs or pins) to secure it in place. Wearing a drop veil in this simple form would mean that it would have to be pulled down over the face in keep it in place when worn. We personally feel that there needs to be some type of security keeping your drop veil in place so there are three options we suggest:


The difference between a drop veil and a two tier wedding veil?

1. The first is by having an 'invisible' comb attached to your veil. This is a comb that is covered in ribbon the same colour as your hair. The tulle then has just a few small stitches securing the veil to the comb. Once in the hair, the comb will disappear into your hair, allowing the veil to again appear as if it is floating.

2. The second option is to place the veil over your hairstyle, and then simply slide a few hair pins in to secure the veil directly into your hair style. The pins should easily slide in through the tulle, even the finest of silk tulle has a net big enough to allow pins through.

3. The third option we suggest is wearing either a headband, vine, flower crown or tiara directly on top of the drop veil once it is in place. This is the most secure way of wearing a drop veil. The blusher, part of the veil that is pulled down over the face, can then be lifted back and over the hair accessory.  


Two Tier Wedding Veil

A two tier wedding veil is again an oval shape piece of tulle however, there is a gather where the comb is attached. The blusher, the part that is pulled over the face, is 72cm from the top of the veil to the comb, and then the rest of the veil falls from the comb, the length depending on the style you choose. The comb keeps the veil in place and also gives the veil it's shape. When the blusher is pulled back away from the face, it gives the veil a beautiful waterfall effect. 

The difference between a drop veil and a two tier wedding veil

We hope this helps clear up any questions you may have about drop veils and two tier wedding veils. If you have any other questions about these veils, please do get in touch we're here to help, and no question is too small! x


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