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What is a Drop Veil?

If your wedding veil wish list consists of just the words 'simple' and 'traditional', you'll want to discover the answer to the question 'what is a drop veil?'. With a dreamy vintage look, drop veils are simply divine, delivering classic elegance in a range of veil lengths and designs.

Drop Wedding Veil With Polka Dot Tulle And French Eyelash Lace Trim- 'Amie'

What is a Drop Veil?

A drop veil is a wedding veil made up of a single circular piece of tulle. Sometimes referred to as a 'circle veil', they're the least complex bridal veil available to brides-to-be. With no gather or attachments, the tulle fabric is simply placed over the bride's head, resting flat against the top of the head and with the blusher covering the face.  Depending on how it is attached, the blusher can be pulled back creating a two tier veil effect. 

Pure Soft Silk Drop Cut Edge Wedding Veil - 'Clarence'

A drop veil can also be worn without a blusher. This does not cover the face, and is usually positioned towards the back of the head, allowing a single tier of fabric to drop down the bride's back.  

Drop veils have a vintage look, with a drop veil in cathedral length achieving perhaps the most traditional effect of all, à la Kate Middleton. Drop veils also come in shorter lengths with the shortest option of a fingertip length drop veil creating a romantic aesthetic.  

How to Wear a Drop Veil 

A drop veil is a loose fitting veil. If you wish to, it can be secured in place using a variety a methods. Britten Weddings have put together a guide to show you how to secure and attach a drop veil, with the three most common options being a discreet hair comb, hairpins, or a bridal accessory like wedding head bands, hair vines, crowns, or tiaras. 

Drop Wedding Veil - 'Rhiann'

If you're unsure whether to choose a drop veil or a two tier veil, Britten Weddings highlight the similarities and difference of a drop veil vs a two tier wedding veil to help you make a decision that will suit your overall bridal look. 

Which Style of Wedding Dress Should I Wear with a Drop Veil?

Because of their vintage style appeal, drop veils work best with traditional style wedding dresses, and vintage or bohemian style wedding dresses for alternative brides.

Choosing a drop veil length will depend mostly on the shape and style of the wedding dress. 

Dress with minimal detail may benefit from drop veil designs featuring embellishments such as the Illusion Drop Veil With Crystal Scatter 'Marina' or the Drop Wedding Veil With Lace Motif 'Adora'.  

Illusion Drop Veil With Crystal Scatter- Marina

See our real Britten brides wearing drop veils