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How to Secure & Attach a Drop Wedding Veil


A drop veil, often known as a circle veil, is a simple but graceful wedding accessory. It’s really a slightly vintage look but it’s simplicity is the key, you can secure it in a few different ways and also embellish with other accessories.

A drop veil falls forwards over the face and is then lifted at your chosen point in the wedding ceremony, usually when you wish to kiss the groom! There is no gather in a drop veil, it’s a carefully shaped piece of tulle ‘dropped’ over the head. When the front section is lifted a drop veil becomes a two tier veil with a traditional look.

The first, most popular and most versatile way to secure a drop veil is with a headband. Our Rhiann drop veil is pictured with our Callia headband for example. The key advantage is how flexible this is. The veil, and band, can be moved around to suit your features and frame. 

You can also wear a hair accessory underneath a drop veil. You'll need to use one of the options below as it won't be holding the veil in place but this can be a fantastic look.

Our India hair vine looks particularly wonderful underneath the soft tulle of a drop veil.

If you’d prefer a minimal look, and drop veils work really well like this, then you can instead opt for a centrally located comb to hold everything in place. We offer this as an option on our Rhiann drop veil.

pinsAnother option is to use hat pins, available easily online, to secure the veil from underneath. You weave the pin in and out as if sewing. This works well with backcombed hair or an updo - these offer security and a good hold.

An alternative to hat pins, if you have them, are standard hair pins. Be careful to avoid ripping holes in the tulle! Our 'Lena' bridal hair pins look particularly good in this role.


As always if you have any questions please do get in touch!


At Britten we don't just offer handmade handmade veils, we also have a beautiful selection of bridal accessories including including necklaces, garters and wedding combs with chains