November 13, 2018

Real Bride | Cut Edge Drop Veil Rhiann

You cannot beat the classic elegance of a drop veil and we absolutely love these stunning images of Alice taken on her wedding day.Cut Edge Drop Veil

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February 03, 2018

Real Bride | BHLDN Dress | Cut Edge Drop Veil Rhiann

It's truly exciting to hear when our real brides have been featured on Love My Dress

After reading the post we can truly tell how our real bride Hannah and her husband Adam had such an amazing day! Their wedding incorporated so many beautiful elements to not only reflect both Hannah and Adam but a little of their culture and where they are from. Hannah is South African and Adam is Irish and they have incorporated their personalities in so many beautiful ways! cut edge drop veil

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December 06, 2017

Pure silk drop cut edge wedding veil - Clarence

There is something luxurious when surrounded by silk and we couldn't resist adding some pure silk wedding veils to our collection. 

Our pure silk drop cut edge wedding veil Clarence is part of our drop veil collection to give you the beautiful effect of a two tier veil. What is lovely with a drop veil that you have the opportunity to choose whether it is made with a built in comb or without. You will know the perfect way for you. 

Our Clarence veil falls slightly narrower to our tulle veils at 140cm wide with a 70cm blusher. 

If you want to add that little extra touch to your outfit then the Clarence veil is the perfect accessory for you. 

November 15, 2017

A Two Tier Barely There Veil

We absolutely love our veils here at Britten Weddings and we regularly stroll around the boutique in some of our favourites. I mean how else are we going to learn the ins and outs of every veil for our incredible brides?

I have a large soft spot for any two tier veil, it reminds me of the veil I wore whilst walking down the aisle and I find that there is something a little more mystical about having that blusher; well mainly used to hide my happy tears.. anyone else? :) 

We get many brides falling in love with our Barely there wedding veil Skylar, with it's beautiful design for any bride who wants just a hint of a veil. Some of our brides long for a minimal two tier veil with no gather on the comb and often request a bespoke two tier Skylar veil

But wait... There is no need! Our drop veils are exactly what you could be looking for! We know that not every veil matches every brides personality and that is why our amazing designer has created so many beautiful options. Our drop veils have an incredible elegance to their design where it is present but is beautifully subtle at the same time. 

All of our drop veils have a slight option of customisation without being non-returnable, if you find that you are wanting to keep your veil in place with a beautiful head piece you can opt for your drop veil to have no comb. Alternatively you can create your veil with a comb essentially creating a two tier Skylar.

May 24, 2017

Britten Bride Sinéad

Sinéad and her groom Chris, got engaged in Sorrento and married at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Newcastle under Lyme. Sinéad wore a beautiful Pronovias Basico dress, inspired by Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen gown - the back detail of the dress was just gorgeous! To finalise her look Sinéad chose to wear our two tier cut edge drop veil - 'Rhiann'. The 'Rhiann' veil is the perfect veil to create a classic, traditional look - Sinéad looked so elegant walking down the aisle! x

Photographs by: Clara Lou Photography

January 13, 2017

The Britten guide to wedding veils - what are the different length options?

If you want to make a dramatic entrance to a small chapel then go for it and order the cathedral length; by contrast if you are getting married in a huge church or venue but wouldn't feel comfortable in a long veil then ignore the names and order what you like. For longer veils we normally recommend they are about 20-30cm longer than the end of your dress. To work this out measure from the top of your head where you plan on wearing the veil straight down your back to the end of the train of your dress. If this measurement was 220cm our church length (250cm) would be perfect for you. We can make all our veils in any length.

  • Cathedral length wedding veils. Our cathedral length veils are 300cm long and trail beautifully. The trim option you choose will determine how the tulle moves as you walk, more information on this is below.
  • Church length wedding veils (also called chapel sometimes). Our church length veils are 250cm long and still trail like the cathedral version, it's just a little shorter. 
  • Floor length wedding veils. We make our floor length veils 200cm long. They should touch the floor with a small trailing edge that will vary according to your height. Without a long trail floor length veils move more freely in any breezes and as you move.
  • Ballet length wedding veils. We make our ballet length veils 150cm long, they fall to about mid calf length.
  • Fingertip length wedding veils. As the name implies these should fall somewhere around your fingertips with your arms at your sides. At 122cm long there will be some natural variation depending on your height.
  • Elbow length wedding veils. These veils are 72cm and generally fall around the elbows. 

January 13, 2017

The Britten guide to wedding veils - what are the different types of veil?

At first glance wedding veils can seem quite intimidating; what even is a blusher?! In truth they are not hard to grasp, it's just lack of familiarity that makes them seem scary. We have created a simple guide to help you get to grips with all our wonderful veils: 

  • Single tier wedding veils- These are what most people imagine when asked to picture a veil. Single tier means that the veil flows from it's attachment point (normally a comb) down the back. There is no blusher, section of veil in front of the face.
  • Two tier wedding veils- means that the veil includes a 'blusher' which can be pulled forward over the face. This is raised during the ceremony for the first kiss or at the exact moment you are married and is then swept back over the head to form a second layer at the back of the veil. We make our blushers 72cm long but they can be made to any length if requested. Remember you may be carrying a bouquet, would you like the veil to finish above the bouquet or drape over it?
  • Drop veils- this is a two tier veil with no gather. They are often held in place with a headband, (as shown in our images for our 'Rhiann' drop wedding veil,) or hair pins. If you don't plan to wear any other accessories we can sew an invisible comb into our drop veils. Click for our 'How to secure a drop wedding veil' guide.
  • Mantilla veils. This is a single tier veil with no gather. We sew a comb to the top of the veil so it can be worn at the top of the head. They are sometimes described as Spanish veils.
  • Juliet veils. A 'cap' of material holds the veil in place. This is a traditional vintage look, dating from 16th century England. It is believed the design dates to actors performing Juliet in the original performances of Shakespeares 'Romeo & Juliet'.
  • Bandeau veils. These are a more vintage feel and attached either side of the head. Some makers use this term interchangeably with 'birdcage' veils. They are technically wrong but the terms are beginning to merge somewhat so check images to be sure!
  • Birdcage veils. These are attached at the top of the head (similar to the way a birdcage hangs). This terms can be used interchangeably with 'bandeau' on the internet, check the images to be sure!


December 07, 2016

Britten Bride Dale

Dale looked so happy on her wedding day. It was so lovely to receive her wedding pictures and see her special day. Dale went for a traditional bridal look in our 'Rhiann' drop wedding veil. The 'Rhiann' veil is our classic drop veil that is placed delicately over the face and held securely with hair pins. Thank you Dale for letting us share your beautiful photos x


Photographs by: Wintertree Photography

November 28, 2016

Real Bride | Bespoke Lace Edge Drop Veil

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the veil that you custom made me; it is quite simply beautiful and I got so many wonderful compliments on the day. It managed to complement my dress perfectly and was breathtaking in its simplicity. I love the way the lace edging mirrors the chiffon train at the back of my dress. Here are a few pictures from the day that show off your amazing handiwork. I can't thank you enough for what you created for my wedding day."bespoke lace edge drop veil View full article →
October 06, 2016

Real Bride | Lace Dress | Bespoke Delicate Lace Edge Drop Veil

"Absolutely LOVED my bespoke silk drop veil. Sarah was so helpful when helping me design the veil and put up with me changing my mind about the type of lace I would like after making a mock up. The veil arrived in beautiful packaging and was so beautiful. Wonderful personal service. Thank you. Xx" - Fionadelicate lace edge drop veil View full article →