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What is a Juliet Cap Veil?


Witness true beauty and find the answer to the question 'what is a Juliet cap veil?.' Perfect for alternative brides looking for vintage or bohemian style wedding veils to complement their bridal look, we're confident that you're heart hasn't loved a wedding veil as much 'til now. 

What is a Juliet Cap Veil?

A Juliet cap veil is a wedding veil made up of a cloche style cap connected to a tulle veil. Popular with modern day brides, the Juliet cap bridal veil was originally the veil of choice for early twentieth-century brides-to-be from 1910 to the 1940s. Juliet cap bridal veils also come in a range of lengths from a classic cathedral length to a floaty fairytale fingertip length.

Said to be inspired by the traditional cloche cap worn by 16th-century actors portraying Juliet Capulet in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, this type of veil will be eternally linked with one of the most famous romance stories in the history of literature. 

Juliet cap wedding veils are typically made from traditional tulle or silk style tulle and can feature a variety of embellishments. Brides looking for a distinctly unique veil can find options for lace edging, delicate beadwork, and decorative crystal finishes that will both match their gown and reflect their personality.  Because they feature striking adornments, there's no real need to add other bridal hair accessories. 

Silk Style Juliet Cap Wedding Veil - 'Dorothy'

How to Wear a Juliet Cap Veil?

Although they're rich in tradition, Juliet cap wedding veil designs are versatile enough to suits a variety of bridal tastes.  

Juliet cap veils work with a variety of bridal hairstyles but they work especially well will long hairstyles and loose chignon updos. Brides with a full fringe should also consider a Juliet cap veil. 

Worn low across the forehead or pushed back towards the crown, brides can style a Juliet cap veil to suit their personal preference and the look they want to achieve. 

Also, because they're fitted to the head, Juliet cap wedding veils don't add any extra height compared to other veil options, which may suit tall brides who want to avoid adding inches on their wedding day. 

Juliet Cap Veils for Modern Brides

A Juliet cap veil can work with a contemporary look.  Pared down and minimalist, the cut edge provides a clean line, and the discreet cloche gathering creates minimal fuss, making it a sophisticated and statement option when paired with a modern wedding gown. 

Juliet Cap Veil | Britten Weddings

Juliet Cap Veils for Bohemian Brides

The drape, the extra fabric, the element of delightful quirkiness. The Juliet cap veil is a dream veil for bohemian brides.  They're the ideal bridal accessory to achieve that boho-chic look, especially when edged with light and delicate Ada lacework. 

Take inspiration from the ultimate boho bride inspiration, Kate Moss. Kate wore a Juliet cap veil to her 2011 wedding to Jamie Hince. She paired the veil with a boho-luxe beaded floor length Galliano gown. 

Lace Edge Juliet Cap Wedding Veil - 'Edna'

Thank you so much to Irena K Photography and Louise Beukes for the above image.

Juliet cap Vintage style 

For vintage purists, the Juliet cap veil is an excellent choice. With echos of a glamorous bygone era, Juliet cap wedding veils add a nostalgic and romantic feel to a retro bridal look. 

Achieve an authentic vintage look with lace detail or crystal embellishments forming a band across the forehead. 

Crystal Beaded Juliet Cap Wedding Veil - 'Mai'

Real Brides in Juliet Cap Veils

Take a look at our real brides looking flawless in Juliet cap veils

When you're choosing a veil, take some time to look at a selection of styles and designs. This way, you can find the perfect veil that will not only look stunning with your dress but will also make you feel at your most comfortable.  Start by exploring our full range of wedding veils and bridal accessories