What is a Mantilla Veil?


A Spanish mantilla veil, is a circular veil that is completely edged with a delicate lace trim beautifully framing a bride in her wedding gown. Mantilla veils are always a delight to look at as well as to wear- the lace which often comes in a wide striking design is always wonderfully intricate and can sometimes be finished with sparkling crystals creating a very dramatic bridal look.

A mantilla veil can be worn with or without a blusher. If a bride decides not to wear it with a blusher, the discrete comb which can be used to hold the veil in place, is moved to the front of the veil perfectly hidden just behind the lace. The veil can then be worn both close to the forehead, allowing the veil to cover a brides hair and shoulders, or worn further back so that it just covers just the shoulders.

This style of veil is also available in different lengths from fingertip all the way through to cathedral length. The longer the length of the veil, the more likely a comb will need to be attached in order to keep the veil in place.

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