February 17, 2018

Real Bride | Justin Alexander Dress | Barely There Veil Skylar

We absolutely love hearing from our real brides especially our international brides! There is something exciting for us to see such a beautiful location :)


Our real bride Brianna from the USA looked incredible on her big day! She is wearing a beautifully fitted dress by Justin Alexander! Her hair is beautifully styled and finished off perfectly with our floor length Barely there wedding veil Skylar


Thank you so so much for sharing the image of your special day with us and Caressa Rogers Photography for capturing their day! 

Sophie Ingrey
Sophie Ingrey


When I am not working in the gorgeous boutique I love to read a good book and if you can turn these into a movie then I will never leave the cinema. You can often find me in the kitchen baking, playing with our kitten Misty or gaming with my hubby. I also love Giraffes because they feel like family (I'm very tall!) :)