Pearl drop wedding necklace and earring set in gold - Hermie

We absolutely love the delicate and beautiful effect of pearls within the boutique and the simple yet gorgeous effect of our Hermione necklace and Hermi earrings are some of my favourite sets that are available in the boutique. 

We love how they look together and have created our pearl drop wedding necklace and earring set in gold - Hermie. Perfect for those wanting to match in their accessories but in such a way that is effortless but beautiful! 

The Hermie set is available in two sizes, you have the option to choose either a small or large crystal. 

Sophie Ingrey
Sophie Ingrey


When I am not working in the gorgeous boutique I love to read a good book and if you can turn these into a movie then I will never leave the cinema. You can often find me in the kitchen baking, playing with our kitten Misty or gaming with my hubby. I also love Giraffes because they feel like family (I'm very tall!) :)