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What Style of Garter should I Wear with my Dress?

If you've been wondering what style of garter should I wear with my dress? then you're in the right place.

At Britten, we have a wonderful selection of varied wedding garter designs, and when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding garter with us, it's hard to get it wrong as they're all so stunning.

However, there are some styles and finishes of garter that lend themselves more easily to certain wedding dress designs. Here we've pulled together some of the things you should consider about your dress and the style of garter before you make up your mind. 

The Different Styles of Wedding Garter

Lace Wedding Garter

Classically elegant, lace garters are instantly recognisable as the quintessentially traditional wedding garter. We use lacemakers that have been making lace since 1858, and they continue to produce some of the UK's finest lace. We handcraft beautiful and intricate lace garter designs for brides all over the world. 

Silk Wedding Garters

Soft and smooth, silk wedding garters not only look fabulous they're ultra comfortable to wear too. Silk bridal garters are usually formed from a narrow band of the luxury fabric featuring small embellishments or a little lace detailing for added interest.  

Tulle Wedding Garters 

Reminiscent of a bridal veil, tulle bridal garters can make the perfect pairing with your chosen wedding veil. Made from delicate tulle, brides can enjoy the ruffles and romance that this style of wedding garter brings to a bridal look. 

What Style of Garter Should I Wear with my Dress?

The Style and Fit of Your Wedding Dress

Knowing the style and fit of your wedding dress will help you to decide what style of garter to choose. 

If you have a simple quite tight fitting gown, you might want to consider going for a sleek wedding garter for a more streamlined and discreet look. With form-fitting dresses, you may wish to avoid more intricate or lace wedding garter designs as they might be visible from underneath your skirt.


sleek wedding garter

If you have a larger skirt with lots of layers you could wear any of our bridal garters.

If you have a lace dress you might want to continue the theme by choosing a lace bridal garter.

Wedding Traditions

If you're planning a traditional wedding or are looking for a special 'something blue' to bring you some extra luck on your big day, check out our blue wedding garter range.. 

Lace wedding garter with delicate blue bow- 'Calleva' | The Wedding Garter Co

Your Personal Style 

No matter what, it's important that you feel comfortable on your big day, and this includes choosing items that reflect your personal style and taste.

Our wedding garter designs hold a timeless quality without being heavily influenced by passing trends, so you can be sure you're wearing a classic style of garter that will suit you and your dress.


If you're still unsure about 'what style of garter should I wear with my dress?' take a look at our guide on 'How To Choose a Wedding Garter?' for extra help in making your decision, or get any outstanding wedding garter questions answered here.

tulle wedding garter