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How to Choose a Wedding Garter

Wedding GarterAny bride must make numerous decisions, from the dress and hairdo to the shoes, jewellery and make-up. In all the excitement, and with so much to do, it can be easy to forget the key wedding tradition of the bridal garter.

With so much choice around for wedding garters, it can seem a little overwhelming - so we’re here to help you select yours.

What is a wedding garter?

The wearing of a bridal garter goes back hundreds of years. Elastic wasn’t even invented until around 1820, so garters, originally made from ribbons, were tied tightly around the top of the stocking to keep it in place.

In the nineteenth century, it became customary for bridal garters to be thrown to the male guest who had emerged victorious in the ‘race for the garter’ which would be from the church to the bride-house (this tradition was the precursor of the throwing of the wedding bouquet that’s common at UK weddings).

Now we have elastic, the practical need for wedding garters may be significantly less, but 85% of brides still wear one. So – how should you choose yours? 



All of our garters come in different sizes so you can ensure you get the perfect fir under your dress. Measure around your leg where you want to wear the garter, usually just above the knee but it's up to you, and choose the option that corresponds.



Blue GarterThink about incorporating your wedding colours. After all, you put time and thought into styling your wedding, and they must be colours you love, so go with it! Or perhaps your garter could match the colour of your dress?

And if you’re looking for something blue to fit the old wedding adage, a blue garter could be the perfect choice. It’s hidden, of course, so it’s ideal if you’re not personally fond of the colour or it doesn’t go with the other shades you’ve chosen for your big day. What’s more, you’ll have plenty of choice, with many different shades of blue on offer.



You'll be able to take your pick from a variety of widths for your garter. While the thinner models are usually more simple and delicate-looking, the wider ones are bolder and more decorative.



This really comes down to personal taste and, in a way, your own personality. Are you the sort that loves big, bold polka dots, or do you prefer a more restrained or classic look with an ivory or white garter?



Much of this choice will come down to personal taste and the kind of fabric you feel most comfortable wearing.

Lace, for example, could make the ideal choice complement to a classic-style wedding gown.

Meanwhile, tulle, a traditional wedding veil material, can be a very sensual choice. Finally, silk wedding garters tend to be a little narrower than their lace counterparts, and feel soft and comfortable against the skin. These bridal garters work particularly well with a slim-fit wedding gown.


Get personal

If none of the above ideas sound quite right, you can, of course, make your wedding garter highly personalised by getting it made in a different fabric, or designed in a way that incorporates something that’s special to you. We can even add a personalised charm.


What we offer

At Britten Weddings, we can craft your perfect handmade bridal garter in our studio in Bradford-on-Avon.

We have access to some of the finest materials around, and will package your garter beautifully. Shop with us online or at our boutique – and if you’re still stuck for inspiration or are uncertain about which design to go for, talk to us today.