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What is a Russian Veil?


Here we'll tell you all you need to know in answer to the question 'what is a Russian veil?'. Light and delicate, quirky and retro, glamorous and chic, Russian net wedding veils are the perfect accessory for brides to be who are looking for a bridal veil with a difference. 

Timeless allure meets low key practicality with this short wedding veil style that will always make a statement. 

What is a Russian Veil? 

In contrast to the long flowing tulle of a more traditional veil, a Russian wedding veil is made from Russian nylon netting with a mesh-like appearance. The open netting of Russian net adds detail, structure, and elegance to a bridal veil all at once. 

Russian netting has been a popular presence at weddings and other formal events and occasions for decades.  The fabric is used often by milliners to create hats and headpieces with short veils and decorations, and it can come in a range of colours, although white and ivory shades are most common for modern day brides. 

Russian net veils differ from veils crafted from smaller and softer French and English net alternatives.  Russian netting features a large open weave by comparison and forms diamond shapes connected by smaller squares of netting. When used to make a veil the apertures of the material partially cover the eyes but still allow the bride to see where she is going. 

Russian net veils are typically shorter in length, covering only a small portion of the face and head. Russian net fabric is often seen in bandeau and birdcage style veils reminiscent of wedding veils from the 1940s and 1950s. 

How to Wear a Russian Veil?

Because of the material used, a Russian net veil can be shaped and formed to achieve a variety of looks to suit each bride's individuality.  They can also be positioned differently on the head covering and revealing as much of the bride's face and hair as desired. 

The most common Russian net wedding veil styles are bandeau wedding veils and the birdcage wedding veil. Both short length veils, they have a retro feel about them and are the perfect finishing touch to an alternative bridal look. 

Russian Veils can vary in style, ranging from a simple birdcage veil to an embellished bandeau wedding veil with floral and crystal detail, giving brides of all tastes something to think about when choosing the headpiece they'll wear on their big day. 

Because Russian net wedding veils are typically shorter they draw attention to the eyes and ears, so brides may want to consider accessorising with beautiful bridal earrings too. 

Their short length also means they can be worn during the wedding day with minimal hassle, making an easy transition from ceremony to partying in the evening. 

Which Style of Wedding Dress Should I Wear with a Russian Veil?

Russian net veils lend themselves easily to a range of wedding dress styles.

Brides looking to complete a vintage-inspired look might opt for a shorter tea length style wedding dress complemented by a delicate Russian net veil. 

If your neck and shoulders are your best feature and you want to show them off, pair your short length Russian net veil with a strapless gown. 

Or if you want to channel old Hollywood glamour, a Russian net veil with a sophisticated yet show-stopping gown will make the perfect team. 


Explore the Russian net collection at Britten Weddings and our exquisite range of wedding veils. You can also see our real brides wearing Russian net bandeau veilson their special day.