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What Are Veils Made From?

'What are veils made from?' Shopping for a wedding veil might not be as easy as it may seem at first. With so many styles, lengths, finishes, colours, and fabrics to choose from you can start to feel spoilt for choice. Here we take a look at the different types of bridal veil materials on offer so you can choose the best option for your bridal look. 

What are Veils Made From?

Wedding veils are made from a variety of luxurious fabrics that are sure to make you feel beautifully bridal. The most common bridal veil materials tend to be tulle, organza, lace, and Russian net, each bringing wonderful bridal fabric qualities that add to the feel and appearance of the wedding veil. 

Tulle Veils

Tulle is perhaps the most common wedding veil fabric you'll come across. Most likely because it's a versatile fabric that can be made in a variety of different ways to bring different elements like structure, transparency, and drape to a bridal look.  From natural cotton tulle to synthetic nylon and polyester tulle, we'll tell you all you need to know about tulle. 

Traditional Tulle

Traditional tulle is the most common type of tulle for wedding veils and gowns. This type of tulle mainly holds it's shape really well despite being incredibly light. This fabric is perfect if you want a veil that has more structure.

Britten Weddings traditional tulle adds a little body and volume, creating a very traditional veil look. Made in Somerset from a very high quality Nylon, our traditional tulle is exceptionally fine but strong, and can support a lot of lace and detail without loosing any lightness. 

See real Britten brides wearing traditional tulle veils 


What are veils made from


Pure Soft Silk Tulle

Pure soft silk tulle is one of the most exquisite tulles in the world. Silk tulle is made in France - a country famous for luxurious fabrics. Made from silk woven into a hexagonal design, it's super soft with a little stretch in it, creating a beautiful slimline drape effect - ideal if you want a veil that shows movement. It's also less transparent and much heavier compared to standard tulle (but not so heavy that you should be worried about it falling out!).

what are veils made from?

Pure Crisp Silk Tulle

Pure crisp silk tulle is also pure silk but has a little more body and structure than our pure soft silk, with a similar feel to traditional tulle, it falls beautifully. 

what are veils made from?

Silk Style Tulle Veil

If you're looking for a veil that drapes and falls like silk without the hefty price tag, a silk style tulle veil could be just the veil for you. Like our traditional tulle, our silk style tulle is also made in Somerset from a polyester thread. Silk style tulle is very soft and falls straight down with no volume at all, and is also known as English net. 

See real Britten brides wearing silk style tulle veils

what are veils made from

Polka Dot Tulle

Polka dot tulle features a pattern of tiny dots, also know as swiss dot tulle. The dots help to add a little more texture and interest to the veil. Our polka dot tulle is soft and falls more like our silk style tulle than our traditional tulle.


What are veils made from


Silk Organza Veil

Silk organza is made of a pure silk thread. Veils made from silk organza have more body and are less sheer than veils made from other fabrics and is less sheer. This veil material is perfect for a modern bridal look.

See real Britten brides wearing silk organza veils 

Full Lace Veils

Full lace veils are a beautiful alternative to tulle, giving brides a little more coverage than a tulle or silk veil. 

what are veils made from

Russian Net Veil 

Russian net veils are normally shorter veils, coming in either birdcage or bandeau designs. It is important not to mistake tulle for netting. Netting is made from very coarse material that is used to create items with a lot more structure.

what are veils made from


What's the Best Material for a Wedding Veil?

The best material for a wedding veil will depend on the type of wedding dress you choose. If your wedding dress...

...has a big skirt | The volume and structure of a traditional tulle veil works well with wedding dress that have fuller skirts. Or opt for a silk veil with a lace edge. 

...has a detailed back | Because they have a slimmer drop, a silk veil is the ideal veil for showing off a beautiful detailed back. embellished | Traditional tulle is a great option for a bridal gown embellished with beadwork or crystals. It's best to avoid silk style tulle or pure soft silk tulle, as veils made from these fabrics have a tendency to catch and pull on embellishments. off-shoulder | If your shoulders are your best feature, a silk veil will fall perfectly down your back leaving your shoulders uncovered. a slim fit, minimalist design | If your gown has less structure, a silk veil will make a great pairing. Or if you're looking to add some extra volume or make an eye-catching statement then consider a veil made from Russian netting., white, or ivory | Shades can vary between dresses and different veil fabrics, so we always suggest purchasing some tulle samples to match with your gown before you buy your veil. 

If you're still undecided, a pure crisp silk tulle wedding veil will work with most wedding dresses and lace designs. 


Visit the entire Britten Weddings bridal veil collection and shop for your favourite veil fabric. Or contact us to speak to the team to find out more about creating bespoke wedding veils and bridal accessories of your very own.