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New hair pins for a new wedding year!

We are finally getting back into the swing of things here at Britten. It was a very (very) busy start to the year which was very exciting and Sarah has come back brimming with ideas for lots of beautiful new designs that we will add to our various bridal accessory collections online and we will definitely keep you up to date along the way!

Towards at the end of last year, Sarah designed some really gorgeous new bridal hair pins. These pins are based on our really popular Eve freshwater pearl pins, but we've added a floral element to them and have made them even more delicate (if that's even possible!). We absolutely love a soft whimsical look for brides hair accessories at the moment, and these pins are perfect for this very look. 

These two new designs are called Jasmine and Hope, and the pairs are made up of one main hair pin and two slightly smaller versions. The two different sizes are perfect for creating a really delicate look without the accessories looking too much and the two smaller pins are perfect for scattering throughout a number of different hair styles. However, on our website, we've given you the option of choosing however many pins you want in which ever size, allowing you to create a look that will perfectly complement your wedding style. 

Both designs will be available in both gold and silver, ideal if you want them to match you other wedding accessories.