February 28, 2017

Our wedding earrings are super super comfy...

Our earrings are specifically designed to be as comfortable as possible. You'll likely be wearing them for a long time on your wedding day and we didn't want them to cause any pain or irritation.

Firstly they are super light. That may surprise you when looking at them but you can't even tell they are there. We hand stitch the crystals to the backing - there are no large mass produced cast metal sections to add weight.

Secondly that backing is a super fine ultra suede. It is soft and comfortable on the ear. I can't tell you the number of times I have got in the shower and forgot I was wearing them!

Comfortable wedding earrings

Sarah Bates
Sarah Bates


I'm Sarah Jane. I own Britten with my husband Matthew. We live in Bradford on Avon near Bath in England with our crazy golden retriever Alfie!