The Britten guide to wedding veils - what are the different types of tulle?

We have three different types of tulle:

  • Our 'traditional tulle' which has a little body and volume and gives you that very traditional veil look 
  • Our 'silk style tulle' which drapes and falls like silk without the hefty price tag. This tulle is very soft and falls straight down with no volume at all. This tulle works best with slim fitting dresses.
  • Our 'polka dot tulle' which is covered in tiny dots. It adds a little more texture and interest to the veil. Our polka dot tulle is soft and falls more like our silk style tulle than our traditional tulle.

Now for the colour options - These are pretty simple really. The main three colours we offer are ivory, off white and white. Our ivory is a warm colour with a slight creaminess, off white is a very pale ivory/ soft white and white is an optic white. We also stock champagne and blush pink in the traditional tulle. The tulle colour does not need to match your dress exactly they just need to tone in well together. If you are unsure then order our traditional tulle colour samples or our silk style tulle colour samples.

Daniella Harding
Daniella Harding


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