What is the difference between our Niacae veil and our Skylar veil?

Two of our most popular veils Niacae and Skylar often get confused but they are actually very different! The only real similarities are that they are both single tier, cut edge and made from our traditional tulle!

simple single tier wedding veil cut edgeNiacae is what most people picture when they imagine a veil. It is single tier with a full gather which is then attached to a comb. Niacae comes in all lengths from fingertip to cathedral and three different colour options. Niacae is classic and goes with virtually all dresses, it is a great choice if you want to enhance your bridal look without detracting from your dress. See what our brides think here. Below shows a picture of the veil comb of Niacae.

niacae from back

Skylar is our barely there veil, it has no gather and is as you would expect 'barely there'. Skylar is ideal for brides who want a very minimal look and just a whisper of a veil. Skylar works best with slim fitting dresses, with bigger dresses it can get a bit lost. See what our brides think here

barely there veilskylar barely there veilWe hope this helps a bit, if you feel you have more questions or would like help styling your dress with the correct veil please do get in touch.

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