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What is a Single Tier Wedding Veil?


A single tier wedding veil is simply a veil that doesn't have the section of tulle that can be pulled down across the face. This part of the veil is known as the blusher (if you'd like to know more about a blusher veil, please click here). The veil will be made from a single piece of tulle, the length depending on the style you've chosen, that has a comb attached at one end. Where the comb is attached, the tulle will be gathered. 

single tier wedding veil

single tier wedding veil

You can have a single tier wedding veil without any type of gather, and this style of veil is usually called a mantilla veil. A veil like this can be kept in place by securing it with a few discreet hair pins to keep it in your hair or if you've chosen to have a lace edge wedding veil, a small comb can be hidden under the lace (without a gather) to keep it securely in your hair. 

single tier wedding veil

Photography by: Sophie Stimpson Photography

Single tier wedding veil

Any other questions on single tier veils- do let us know! x