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    Traditional wedding garter in lace called Catherine

    I don't know about you but I absolutely love tradition, and when I got married I made sure that all the typical wedding traditions were followed to a tee! So, I think it's only natural that when I look at all the beautiful handmade wedding garters, designed by Sarah Jane at the Wedding Garter Co., I tend to always be drawn towards the lace wedding garters, in fact, one particular garter -the traditional wedding garter in lace called Catherine.

    traditional wedding garter in lace called Catherine

    To me, this garter oozes elegance and sophistication. If you did indeed decide to make your garter a family heirloom, I think Catherine would stand the test of time. The delicate lace band and lace ruffle are combined elegantly with a lovely ribbon in a perfectly chosen blue colour- it's not too bright and not too dark, and it conveniently finishes off the old bridal saying of 'something blue'. Catherine is particularly light in weight and is soft against the skin which is great considering you generally wear a garter for a significant amount of time on the day!

    If you find that you are also drawn towards the more traditional aspects of a wedding and are particularly keen on the idea of wearing a lace garter, make sure you have a look at the other lace garters by the Wedding Garter Co. 


    Alexandra Knaggs

    Alexandra Knaggs