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Wedding hair combs for buns...

If you're thinking of wearing your hair in a bun for your wedding day but not sure which comb to choose from for this type of style, we would advise our brides to choose a comb that is either slightly smaller in size, or one that has a slight curve to it. 

Our boho hair combs for example, would work wonderfully with a bun because of their natural curvy nature- the slight bend in them would be accentuated further by the curve of a bun. These two styles work really well together! 

wedding hair combs for buns

wedding hair combs for bunsHowever, if you're not keen on going for something with a boho feel, but rather wear something that has more of a sparkle and formal design, any of our smaller combs would look great. A smaller hair comb would not necessarily need to have a curve to it, but only be smaller than the bun itself so it can be neatly tucked in. One thing to bare in mind is that if the hair comb is too long it might stick out on either side of the bun which would mean that the prongs of the comb might become visible which should ideally be avoided. 

wedding hair combs for buns

wedding hair combs for bunsWhy not book in an appointment to come and view our different wedding hair combs and the different sizes that they are available in! We would be more than happy to discuss the comb designs and combining them with the hair styles you have in mind! x



Alexandra Knaggs
Alexandra Knaggs


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