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Wedding veil history and tradition

Why do brides wear wedding veils? The answer of course is that it depends! Veils seem to have the deepest roots into the pagan pre-Christian societies of northern Europe where they were thought to ward off evil spirits.

1920's wedding veil

Later they evolved into a symbol of a potential brides chastity and modesty whilst also signalling purity to the husband.

The Christian, particularly Catholic, history of veils is as a revealing of the bride as a 'new' person in the company of her husband.

In the present day the purpose of a veil is twofold. It is an ideal accessory worn to bring together the hair and the wedding gown and also a gentle nod to the history of marriage. It is shared traditions that bind the different generations of a family.

As marriage has, happily, evolved into a more inclusive event the oldest traditions like veils and garters seem stronger than ever! 

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Alexandra Knaggs
Alexandra Knaggs


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