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Where to Wear a Veil in your Hair!

We get asked this question a lot so thought we would write a handy little post!

The position that you wear your veil in your hair will dramatically alter how the veil looks.

High on the head

The higher you wear the veil the more full it will look. If you would like your veil to drape over your shoulders then it is more likely to stay in place if you position the veil high in your hair. If you are wearing a veil with a blusher it is important to wear the veil high up on your head so that the blusher is long enough.

veil worn high on head

Image by Jess Petrie

Slope of the head

This is a good midway option as you will get a subtle halo from the veil and it won't take over your look. This is the perfect position if you would like to wear an accessory over your veil to help hold it in place.

veil worn at slope of head

Image by Matt Penberthy

The nape of your neck

This is the subtlest option for wearing a veil as the veil tends to fall straight down the back and is not very visible from the front. We have seen a few brides wearing their veil below a bun which is lovely.

veil worn at nape of neck

 Photographs by Simon Biffen

Have a look through our real bride veil images for inspiration of where to wear your veil.


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