Veil tips

  • As soon as your veil arrives, please make sure it is hung up straight away. Creases are very difficult to get out and we do not recommend ironing tulle or silk- it quickly catches colour under any heat. If there are creases- try hanging it up in a bathroom while running hot water in the shower (do not put the veil near the water).
  • If you’re wearing a long veil or a veil with lace edges always remember to secure the veil with a few extra kirby grips. The extra length and embellishments can sometimes make the veil a little heavier, so the extra grips will go a long way to make sure that it stays in place.
  • On the way to your ceremony- always make sure you ask a bridesmaid/flower girl/ father to hold your up your veil to make sure it doesn’t catch any dirt.
  • If you are wearing a blusher veil, make sure that this isn’t down until you reach the ceremony- the last thing you want is your veil to be smeared with lipstick and gloss
  • Every entrance always has an entrance mat- these always create a problem with veils  by catching the veil as a bride walks over it. Make sure there is someone who can straighten out your veil after you’ve passed the mat just before you walk down the aisle.

lace edge veil